The Islamic Educational College (IEC) is located in both Jabal Amman and Al-Jubaiha and is under the administration of the Islamic Cultural Society (ICS). The Islamic Cultural Society thrives to provide full support to IEC schools by meeting all their needs.

The IEC was founded in 1947 as a non-profit organization that conforms to the Islamic Cultural Society’s educational philosophy and goals. IEC was inaugurated by his majesty late king Abdallah I. Soon thereafter, his majesty late King Hussein Bin Talal and king Abdallah II, as well as a number of the royal highnesses and nobles from Jordan and other Arab and Muslim states, attended IEC.  

The IEC aims at graduating Muslim generations geared with knowledge and faith within a moderate Islamic culture. IEC is licensed by Ministry of Education. Along side the national program, IEC adopts international programmes like the British programme (IGCSE/GCE) ,the International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP) and the American Program (SAT). The international programs encompass curricula that are in concord with IEC’s vision and mission with emphasis on teaching English, German, Chinese and Arabic.

iec history

The IEC always attempts to publicize its activities and students’ creativity. It also stimulates its students’ interaction with their local community. All these achievements are made possible with the help of its highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art facilities in both locations. Currently, 6,000 students, in all five programs, are attending IEC in addition to nearly 17,000 graduates since 1947 till today.

The IEC is distinguished from other schools by combining the past and the present within the educational process. While keeping up with the latest educational philosophies and methodologies that guarantee the highest level of education, the IEC ensures that these philosophies are in accordance with our Arab and Islamic principles so as to satisfy the expectations of parents. All this is evident by the following indicators:


  1. Our goals and philosophies aim at providing advanced education within a moderate Islamic frame in order to graduate a Muslim generation of students who are proud of their religion, culture and Arabic language.
  2. “I am proud of my religion, language and culture along with my prestigious education at IEC which I hope will be rewarding to my future, family members and fellow citizens.” – IEC Students’ mission statement.
  3. We aim to provide our students with an ideal educational environment which would eventually qualify them to become:
    • Innovators who are capable of restoration and problem solving and are seeking to excel in thinking and implementation.
    • Thinkers who have the necessary skills to fulfill their desires in conducting researches and experiments through their creative and critical thinking.
    • Communicators who can utilize their fluency in Arabic and English, while demonstrating adequate knowledge of Chinese, in expressing their ideas and communicating confidently with others.
    • Confident because they are armed with knowledge, education and morals.
    • Open-minded as a result of following the moderate teachings of Islam which instill in them an approach based on respect of the others’ opinions and pride in their authentic Arabic heritage.
    • Responsible by making them effective members in their society and motivating them to assume their social responsibilities with honesty.

The Islamic Educational College is keen to recruit the most qualified supervisors, administrators and teaching staff from inside and outside of Jordan. Moreover, it provides a variety of programmes and education resources to its staff to improve their performance within a holistic, professional-development programme.