Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees of the Islamic Cultural Society seek, with great concern, to improve the educational process at IEC and elevate the performance of its staff for the sole purpose of becoming distinguished on all levels and making IEC stand out and excel in education. This vision suits the authenticity of IEC and fulfills the ambitions of the Board of Directors and members of the Islamic Cultural Society as well as meeting the aspirations of the General Administration and loyal employees.


Ismail Balbisi Ibrahim Manko
Rashed Darwazeh Rafeeq Salah
Sa’ad Al-Deen Beibars Shafeeq Al-Hayek
Shawkat Asfour Sabri Al-Tabba’a
Abdul-Rahman Firoun Adel Al-Safadi
Omar Ba’albaki Abdullah Abu Quora
Mohammad Al-Shuraiqi Mohammad Madi
Subhi Kahaleh Wajeeh Al-Baghdadi

The Board of Directors of IEC

(Since May 2nd, 2009)

 H.E. Eng. Omar “Mohammed Ali Bdeir “

Director General of the Islamic Cultural Society

 Excellency Prof. Rajai Al-Dajani

Deputy Executive Director

H.E. Eng. Omar Abu Qoura


H.E. Mr. Ayman Hatahet


H.E. Eng. Husam Malas


H.E. Abdul-Raheem Al-Baqaee


H.E. Dr. Zeina Al-Tabaa


H.E. Eng. Sameeh Madi